Carpe Diem

We all have regrets.  Don’t lie.  You know you have at least one.  Hopefully they aren’t too heavy.  Whether it was eating that second donut; not marrying that girl; not taking that job on the other side of the world; staying out too late when you have a big presentation the next day. Whatever.  Don’t regret missing opportunities that your gut told you that you should go for.

Today I was on the plane to LA and walking past me on the plane was Jack Canfield. Yes, he flies Spirit airlines too.  I didn’t even have to double take.  I was excited and thought immediately of the Laws of Attraction that he and his co-contributors from the Secret talked about.  Would he approve of me saying hello after the flight?  Of course he would!  We are all people.  Here was an opportunity to meet an incredible man.  This encounter could change my life.  Who knows? The point is, I wasn’t going to take the risk in not finding out.

Jack was great! He greeted me warmly and we chatted while we got our bags.  We talked of my travels and his, Chicken Soup for the Soul and social media.  We exchanged cards.  Who knows what will come of it.

He didn’t need to be Jack Canfield or someone famous.  It could have been someone I just felt I needed to talk to.  The point is, don’t look back and think, “I should have”.  Go for it.

Funny enough that was almost the end of the blog until I sat next to Brandy on the flight from LA to NY.  We talked about the difference between the mind’s decisions and a “gut” feeling.  She commented that gut is a “knowing” and then she said, “Your gut is God”.  I like that.