5 Reasons You Should Tweet at the Rugby Sevens #hksevens

Ok – so you’ve heard of Twitter. Maybe you have even signed up for a Twitter account.  Maybe you are still scratching your head trying to figure out what to do with it. Well, even if you aren’t interested in Twitter on a daily basis, an event can be a great way to have fun with it.  The Rugby Sevens in Hong Kong this weekend may just be the perfect time to try your hand at the micro-blogging social media tool.  Just go to Twitter.com, sign up for an account, download a simple app for your iPhone like Tweetie2 or ubertwitter for your blackberry. You are now ready to start tweeting!  Here are some reasons why you should give it a try!

1) It  is a way for all your friends who couldn’t get tickets to the  Rugby Sevens to enjoy the fun!

See there are these things called hastags on twitter which are number signs – # – and when you put that in front of a word like #hksevens or #southstands and then search by that on twitter you can see all the other things everyone is saying.  So your buddy at home or stuck outside the gate can read that you just poored pint over poor Billy’s head and that Katie thinks the NZ team looks hot in their uniforms.   You can even tell poor Joe at the pub watching you miss him.

2)   Make new friends.  You may find yourself chatting with someone across the #southstands and have the ability to meet up with the Pimms stand.  Twitter can be easier than SMS in many cases because you can group in more than one person.

3)   Become a Sportscaster! Tweet out the action on the field!  Recording the event for posterity can be fun and when a lot of people are doing it from multiple perspectives and angles it is great.  Remember when sports radio started?  Sports Twitter anyone?

4)   Put Hong Kong on the map – on Twitter!  This is a massive world sports event and it would be AWESOME to see #hksevens as a trending topic!!! What does that mean?  It means that the more people that are at the sevens talking about the sevens the greater the chance for the buzz to get big enough to make it a top talked about topic.

5)   The number one reason to be on Twitter for the Rugby Sevens – the fantastic Twitpic opportunities in the #southstands! What could be more fun than iPhone’s snapping up fun photos of your friends in their most embarrassing outfits only for them to zoom across the Internet at warp speed? Snap – Tweet – Retweet and off it goes!

Since you will be so drunk you won’t remember the event itself, you can go back to Twitter, search #hksevens and see what happened afterwards!


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